Restorative Charting 4 - Clinical Note Table


After selecting a procedure from the Charting Menu, a Clinical Note will be placed in the table below.

The Clinical Note Table has a few filters at the top: Completed, Planned, Existing, and Conditions. These filters will show the corresponding notes if they are activated and highlighted. Deactivate and hide the corresponding notes by clicking the filter.

The Clinical Note will automatically pull forward many of the fields. You will need to add the Clinical Notes to this table. Simply click the note and single click in the Note field.

As you start typing, MacPractice will automatically show any Common Clinical Notes that match. Double click on a note template to add it to this note.

As you continue to type, the window will increase to accommodate your typing. Keep in mind that the columns in this table can be reorganized and resized. Once the note is complete, tab out of the box to immediately save changes. If additional changes need to be made, double click on the note to open up the note editor. This will allow you to see all changes that were made to the original note. Use the search box at the top right of the Clinical Note Table to search through your existing notes.

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