Restorative Charting 1 - Setup


The Charting tab is an additional purchased feature that can be added to MacPractice. You will need to fetch your license to activate Charting. To fetch your license, click on Preferences in the MacPractice Menu and navigate to Abilities in the sidebar. Click Fetch License to update MacPractice. You will be prompted to log out of MacPractice and back in to activate the new features.

Navigate to the Patients ability and select the Dental Tab beside Ledger. Click on the gear icon in the top left corner of the screen. This will show all of the Preferences for Dental Charting. It is recommended to Color Code Clinical Notes Text. The Teeth will automatically change with the patient's age. If the patient is 13 or older, the teeth will default to Permanent. If they are younger than 13, the teeth will remain as Primary.

As a beginner in charting, it is recommended to Hide Material Colors from the display. It is also recommended to Draw an X on Extracted Teeth and Hide Treatment Graphics in Patient Chart and Completed Procedures.

Dental Charting Shortcuts can be setup to quickly chart common procedures that are completed within the office. Hold down option and click on a shortcut to set up a Fee, Tooth Condition, or Supercode. You can also add more shortcuts by clicking the Ellipses at the bottom of the shortcut table.

Navigate to the References ability and select Common Clinical Notes in the sidebar. Click the green plus to create a new Clinical Note Shortcut. It is recommended to use the return key on your keyboard any time that data needs to be entered into the Clinical Note Template. This will allow for easy navigation when using the template.

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