How do I add a new Provider?

This article addresses how to add a new Provider user account to MacPractice. This will both set up a log-in account to MacPractice, and add an additional Provider in all drop down menus to select a Provider.

Note: If your office has ePrescribe or eClaims, please reach out to MacPractice Support and ask to speak to the EDI department for assistance. You will also need to contact MacPractice Support if you need to set up a Provider with Direct Messaging.

  1. Go to the References Ability > Users Node.
  2. Add a new record by clicking the Green Plus.
  3. Set the Username, User ID and Password.
  4. Check the "Is Provider" checkbox.
  5. Fill out the required fields.
  6. Assign Privileges to the new user in the Privileges tab.
  7. Add in Provider-specific information in the Provider tab.
  8. Save the record.

First, you will need to navigate to the References Ability and select the Users node in the sidebar.

With the Users node selected (as indicated in the above screenshot), click on the Green Plus in the sidebar to add a new record.

Once here, you should set your Username, User ID, and then Password.
The Username is what you will use when logging into MacPractice. It must be unique to other Usernames. The Username is not case sensitive. 
User ID is used as a shorthand on the Ledger and select Reports to distinguish the Provider at a glance. This can be up to 10 characters. Every office utilizes a different scheme for their User ID. We recommend a quick shorthand such as a user's initials.
When a Username and User ID is set, click the "Set Password" button to enter and verify a password.


 From here, you will need to check the "Is Provider" checkbox, located right below the Professional Title field in the upper left. Checking this box will add this user account to the provider drop down menus in the Ledger and allow you to filter by that Provider in Reports.

Be sure to fill out any other required fields (Last, First name) and then click on the Privileges tab within the User Reference. In here, we can set the level of access this user reference will have. 
For more information on User Group Privileges, please refer to User Group Privileges.

Finally, you will need to add in Provider-specific information in the Provider tab. Arguably the most important value to enter here is the provider's National Provider ID, highlighted in the below screenshot. You may also wish to change the "Provider Shown on Claim" drop down if you prefer a different Provider be shown on all claims submitted for this provider.



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