ERA Manager Video 1 - Setup


The ERA Manager is a purchased feature that can be added to your account. To activate this ability you will need to fetch your license on the server computer. To fetch your license, click on Preferences in the MacPractice menu then navigate to the Abilities in the sidebar. Click Fetch License to update MacPractice. You will be prompted to log out of MacPractice to activate the new features.

Once you have activated the ERA Manager, right click on the toolbar of MacPractice and click to customize. Find the Managers ability and drag this into the desired position of your toolbar.

Navigate to the MacPractice menu and click on Preferences. Select ERA from the sidebar. It is recommended to turn on four Preferences: Open All ERA Payments in Manager, Disable Automatic Appeal in ERA Payments, Print New Page per Patient, and Do Not Auto Calculate Write-Offs for ERAs with a Zero Allowed Amount.

Each payer requires a unique enrollment. This process will be completed with the Enrollments Department at MacPractice. To setup a new payer, contact

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