ERA Manager Video 3 - Use


Using the ERA Manager is quite simple. Select a pending ERA from the Bins at the top of the manager.

Payments will be highlighted in red to indicate that they have not been posted. Click “Post Payment” to open the Insurance Payment window. The ERA information will automatically pull into the payment window. If all procedures have a payment, the claim will be marked as Closed. Some ERAs will need to be manually closed if there is not a payment for all charges.

Click Save/Next to be taken to the next claim payment in the ERA. Click the Save button to save your current work and to complete the rest of the ERA at a later time.

Every once in awhile, you may receive an ERA that can not be automatically posted by the ERA manager. “No Match for Claim”, “No payable information included for this claim”, and “Please Adjust or Correct” will replace the Post Payment link when an ERA need to be manually posted. Simply navigate into the patient’s Ledger to manually enter in the correct information.

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