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The ERA Manager is composed of two sections, the Bin Organizer and the ERA Details.

The Bin Organizer will allow the office to keep track or ERAs that are complete and ERAs that are currently pending. MacPractice will automatically move Pending ERAs to the Completed bin once fully posted.

You also have the ability to manually change the status of the ERA. Use the dropdown box to update the selected ERA. Notice that MacPractice also has the ability to Hide or Archive an ERA. Quickly show all archived ERAs by checking the box in the top right corner labeled, Show Archived ERA.

Use the sidebar search to filter through the ERAs in your database. Common search criteria are: Payer Name, Patient Name, Subscriber IDs, and Check number. Reset the search by clearing out the field and clicking the refresh button in the toolbar.

The bottom portion of the screen will show you the details of the selected ERA. Patient information will be placed inside of a grey box to help distinguish when an entry is complete. Click on the blue links to be taken to the patient’s account or to the associated claim.

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