How do I move patients off of joint accounts?

To separate a patient to their own account, you will need to be on the Server computer. Navigate to the Managers Ability > Database Utilities > Move Patient To Another Account.


Select the top magnifying glass and search for the patient's name. Leave the second line blank and click Go. 

BEFORE RUNNING ANY DATABASE UTILITY, make sure all users are logged out of MacPractice, and confirm that you have a fresh backup available. Database Utilities can make wide sweeping changes to your MacPractice database, and while no issues typically occur, you always want to take these precautions. MacPractice will prompt you automatically to log out of all client computers and save a backup, in case you forget.

To move a patient from one joint account to another, you will follow the same steps except you will select the account you are moving them to using the bottom magnifying glass search.

For more information on this Database Utility, please refer to our Database Utilities - Move Patient to Another Account Knowledge Base Article.

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