Accounting At A Glance - Interactive

The Accounting Ability displays an overview of the financial transactions within the MacPractice database. It is designed for users that need to review the financial status of their practice.



General Ledger: The General Ledger provides a breakdown of all ledger transactions over a defined period of time, organized into Financial Accounts. You can set the date range that the General Ledger pulls transactions from.

Journal: The Journal lists all financial transactions within the date range, in time order from oldest to newest.

Bank Accounts: This node contains the Bank Accounts category, which details out all payments associated to a Bank Accounts reference. 

Insurance Companies: The Insurance Node contains the Insurance Companies category. This category contains all Insurance Company References with transactions on file.

Providers: The Providers Node contains all providers with transactions tied to them. 

Migration Report: The Accounting Migration Report simulates the updating process to Gen 10, and identifies if there would be any differences between your current financial data and the data post-update.

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