WAMP Indicator

The WAMP indicator is an icon that can appear in the lower right corner, next to the Support Bubble. This indicator was added to MacPractice in Build 9.7.


The WAMP indicator tracks the MacPractice software's connection to a WAMP server. WAMP stands for "Windows, Apache, MYSQL, and PHP". The WAMP server is essentially a routing process that operates in the background and helps facilitate certain functions within MacPractice, allowing the different pieces to communicate more effectively. For example, the WAMP server will help keep the tag on the Faxing Ability icon updated so you know how many faxes are present. It can also assist with handling tied recalls in the Schedule Ability, and many other background functions.

While we're constantly working to improve the software to eliminate or minimize issues, this particular issue can blindside an office. After some evaluation, we determined the best route would be to include an indicator that would alert the office that they may be experiencing some WAMP related issues.

What do I do when I see this indicator?
The best resolution is to restart the server computer at your earliest convenience.



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