EMR & EDR Codified 7 - Diagnoses and Billing


The Diagnosis and Billing Section is used to send an electronic superbill to the billing department. Using this Element is quite simple. Start with the Diagnoses portion at the top then click the green plus if there is a new diagnosis for the patient. MacPractice has the ability to have a custom selection of diagnoses codes per EMR Template. Select a diagnosis code for the patient.

If the problem is reoccurring, add it to the problem list by clicking Add Problem. If an existing diagnosis code needs to be used for the encounter, click the upward arrow to add it to the list.

Once all the diagnosis codes have been added to the Element, click the green plus to add a procedure. MacPractice can show a preselected list of procedures in this list or you can use the search button to search through your fee schedule. Select one code or use the Command button on your keyboard to select multiple codes. Click Okay to add the codes to the Element.

Once everything has been added, click Review and Bill. The following window will allow you to set up the details for the code before it gets sent to billing. If the dates and procedures are different, uncheck the boxes at the top of the window and make the appropriate changes. Add in any additional modifiers and notes. Once all procedures have been complete, click Create Order. This will send a Careslip to the billing department.

To add this Element to a Section, navigate to the Section Editor by clicking the purple folder titled Form Sections. Click the green plus to make a new Section. Use the palette to give the Section a title. This Element is quite large and requires the height to be at least 680. It is recommended to include this Section in the navigation.

Move to the Form Elements in the bottom of the palette to locate Billing and Diagnoses. Select the Element, click and drag to position the Element across the entire Section.

Use the Option tab in the Inspector to add a Careslip Reference to the Element Visit the HelpDesk to learn more about making a Careslip for EMR.

Use the Edit menu or the Keyboard Shortcut, Command S to save this Section. Be sure to watch the EMR videos to set up the Narrative for this Section. There is also a video to learn how to add this new Section to your EMR Template.


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