EMR & EDR Codified 3 - Medications


The Medication Element is used to record the existing medications for the client. You can also use this Element to add prescriptions that you are giving the patient.

Use the filter at the top of the screen to only see the active medications. Switch to “All” to see the inactive medications in grey. Click the Reconcile button to add medications from a list. You will have the option to record where the list originated: the patient, or referring physician. Click the green plus to add the medication. Enter in the details for the substance and click out of the popup. Continue to click the green plus until all medications are entered. Click the next button to see all the medications on file. Uncheck a box to remove duplicate records. Clicking next will take you to a final preview of the medications. Click the next button one last time to finalize the reconciliation.

Click the appropriate checkbox if the patient is not on any medications, or no changes have been made since the last visit.

Click the green plus on the screen to enter in a new prescription for the patient. Note that this does not ePrescribe, this will need to be completed elsewhere in the software. Only use the Red Minus if a substance was added by mistake.

Double click on a medication to deactivate the medication or add additional details.

To add this Element to a new Section, navigate to the Section editor by clicking the purple folder titled, Form Sections. Click the green plus to make a new Section. Use the palette to give the Section a title. It is recommended to include this Section in the navigation.

Move to the Form Elements in the bottom of the palette to locate the RX Element. Click and drag to position the Element on the Section.

Use the Edit menu or the Keyboard Shortcut, Command S to save this Section.  Be sure to watch the EMR video to set up the Narrative for this Section. There is also a video to learn how to add this new Section to your EMR Template.


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