EMR & EDR 1 - Setup


The Electronic Medical Records ability, also known as Electronic Dental Records, or EMR and EDR, is a purchased ability that can be added to MacPractice. To activate this ability you will need to fetch your license on the server computer. To fetch your license, click on Preferences in the MacPractice menu and navigate to Abilities in the sidebar. Click Fetch License to update MacPractice. You will be prompted to log out of MacPractice to activate the new features.

One you have activated the EMR ability, right click on the toolbar of MacPractice and select Customize. Find the EMR ability and drag this into the desired position of your toolbar.

Navigate to the MacPractice Menu and select Preferences from the drop down. Select the EMR ability from the sidebar to set up the Preferences. MacPractice recommends a few Preferences for the beginner office. “Keep Palettes on top of other windows.” This will allow the user to easily set details for the patient form. “Print Page Numbers on EDR Forms”, and “Print Page Numbers for Narrative.” This will place a number at the bottom of each printout. “Default Records to Load.” This Preference tells MacPractice how many EMR records to load when navigating to the ability without a patient selected. Once a patient is selected, MacPractice will load all EMR records. Set this preference to the lowest option possible in your office as this will speed up loading times within your software.

Navigate to the Data tab to set up additional settings. EMR forms allow the user to pull forward information from previous forms in the software. There are a few different options within the system. Most offices will allow the system to “Ask me what to do for each section.” This is a great option as it will allow you to pull forward a form on the fly or start from scratch. This also gives you the option to skip certain sections within the form.

It is always recommended to “Ignore signature boxes when pulling data forward.”

Save the Preferences by closing out of this screen in the top left corner. Try using the Shared Templates to get a head start with your forms. MacPractice Corporate can also create custom forms for your office. Please contact 877.220.8418 for pricing information.


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