EMR & EDR Section Editor 9 - Slider


Elements are the building blocks of EMR Templates. Templates are composed of EMR.

Sections and Sections are composed of Elements. Navigate to the Section editor by clicking on the purple node titled, Form Sections. Click the green plus to make a new Section or select an existing Section.

Start by naming the Section in the palette. You are allowed to set up the details for this Section such as height and color. It is recommended to include important Sections in the navigation. Once the Section details have been set, navigate to the Form Elements.

The Slider Element is used to record a value from a predetermined scale such as 1 to 10. Select the Slider from the optional Elements. Click and drag to position and size the slider. Be sure to give the slider a name as this will dramatically help when we switch to the narrative side of the form. Select the Options in the Inspector to set the scale numbers and the precision of the Slider.

Be sure to watch the EMR Help Video on creating a narrative to finalize this Section.


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