EMR & EDR 3 - Creating a Patient Form


Creating a Patient Form in the EMR ability is quite simple. Select a template by opening a pink folder and clicking a template title. MacPractice will display a preview of the template within the detail portion of the window. If this is the correct template, click the green plus to place a copy of the template into the patient forms.

Notice that MacPractice will automatically place all of the patient information into this new form. Move your way through the form by filling in all the necessary fields. The form can be saved to be completed at a later date or by another user in the office. Use the Edit menu or the keyboard shortcut, Command S, to save this form. Remember, once the form is complete lock the form by using the palette window.

Now that the form has been saved, you can see the current narrative. Use the EMR menu or the keyboard shortcut, Command Backslash to flip the current form around. Notice that MacPractice will omit sections that were skipped and not completed by the office. This allows the clinicians to only answer the fields that are relevant to the visit.

Now that one form has been created and locked, we will create a second form to see how the EMR ability will pull date forward. I will make a second copy of the form. Notice that MacPractice will prompt, allowing you to select which section pulls forward. This can help save time in any subsequent forms.

Watch the EMR Setup Video to learn how to set up the preferences for the EMR ability.


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