Backup Guide - Encrypting Your Backups

Your MacPractice Server's live database is secured via a Security Password which must be entered when starting the server in order to gain access to the database. This ensures that your PHI (Protected Health Information) is secured should an unauthorized party gains access to your server computer. However, your MacPractice Backups are not similarly secured unless you choose to encrypt your backups via Server Backup Preferences.

Why is this important?

Theft continues to be one of the major causes of healthcare data breaches. If a server computer or storage medium is stolen that contains unsecured data, this would be considered a data breach that requires reporting the breach. Please refer to The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website for more information.

To encrypt your backups, navigate to the MacPractice Menu > Preferences > Server Backups.

Check the Encrypt Backups checkbox.

Enter your password, and re-enter it in the Verify prompt. Important : MacPractice does NOT retain your encryption password! If you misplace or forget this password, MacPractice cannot assist with accessing your encrypted backups. Write this password down and store the password in a secure place!

You will be prompted to confirm that password. All backups created after this point will be encrypted with the chosen password.

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