The Accounting Migration Report

One of the key features of MacPractice Build 10 is the new Accounting Ability, a new way to monitor and review your Accounts Receivable and Ledger data. We're very excited to present this new feature (and several more!) to you, but in order to incorporate this feature we had to make some structural changes to how ledger information is stored and accounted for in the software.
Our goal is to ensure that your data's integrity is assured when updating, despite these structural changes. In order to meet this goal, we need every office on MacPractice Build 7.3 that intends on updating beyond Build 7.3 to run the Accounting Migration Report.
Running The Accounting Migration Report
  • First, you'll need to be on the Server Computer.
  • You'll want to make sure that you have a fresh backup available.
  • You'll need to set aside plenty of time. This report simulates the process of updating to a new build of MacPractice, and so will take the same amount of time as a large update. We recommend running it overnight.
  • Finally, you'll need to ensure that all users are logged out of MacPractice.

This Report is located in the Managers Ability, under the Database Utilities node. It is called "Run Accounting Migration Report". 

Once you've located the report, all you'll need to do is click the Go button in the lower right. You will be asked to log out of any terminal or client computers. Next the utility will ask you to save a backup. You may choose to skip this by choosing "Cancel" or run a fresh backup by choosing "Save Backup" after selecting the location you would like to write the backup to. Lastly, you will then be prompted to authenticate. All you'll need there is the OS Username and Password for the Server Computer. Once you have authenticated, the migration report will begin. While the report runs, MacPractice may appear as unresponsive.
The Accounting Migration Report simulates the updating process, and identifies if there would be any differences between your current financial data and the data post-update.
There are no changes made to your practice's data by running this report! Changes are only made when actually updating your software.
Once this report has been run, you'll be presented with a a summary sheet indicating all items that were checked. A successful Migration Report will look like the following screenshot. If you receive this result, your office is ready to update beyond Gen 7 when it is released to your office.

You might see a result with a Red X, as shown in the below example. If you see this, MacPractice is indicating that some of our structural changes might have an impact on your A/R. In this situation, the report will indicate that some adjustments may be made to preserve the status of your A/R. All of these changes are documented in the report, which we highly advise you print. Printing the results will display the account numbers, the accounts, and explanations as to why any adjustments were posted or changes were made.
If you do see such a result, a Support Ticket is automatically created, so one of our representatives can investigate and determine the best course of action, and also use gathered information to improve the Accounting Migration Report.
As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or would like assistance running the Accounting Migration Report, don't hesitate to contact MacPractice Support.
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