Is There a Way to Post Insurance Payments by Credit Card?

This article covers how to post insurance payments for credit cards into MacPractice. The method will differ depending on which build of MacPractice you're on. If you are unsure what build of MacPractice you're on, you can always check via the MacPractice Menu > About MacPractice.

Builds 11 and up

We've added a new Default Payment Type named Insurance Credit Card, that you can use for the purposes of posting these kinds of payments. This works best with our integrated payment processing solution, TSYS, which you can read about here.

If you wish to set up a custom Payment Type using the Insurance Credit Card category, you can navigate to the References Ability > Payment Types, and click the Green Plus to add a custom type. Be sure to select "Insurance Credit Card" in the Payment Category drop down. If you want the custom type to appear in the drop down menu in the Ledger, you'll want to check "Show in Menu."


Once you've completed this step you can then navigate to the Ledger, and with a patient and claim selected, select "Insurance Credit Card" or your custom type from the Payment Menu.


From here, if you have TSYS Payment Processing, you will follow the instructions cited in the TSYS Integration Guide. If you do not have TSYS, you will simply process the credit card payment via your chosen processing method. Be sure to enter the proper amount for the payment, and close out the claim as you typically would.

Builds 7.3 and earlier

To make a new payment type for the Insurance Credit Card, go to References > Payment Types, and click the Green Plus to Add a New Record. 

In the drop down, select "Insurance Payment". You'll want to check the "Show in Menu" checkbox, so the option is available in the Ledger.

Setting up the new payment type using the Insurance Payment classification will ensure several things:

  • The payment window will display EOB (allowed, disallowed, and write off) information.
  • It displays in reports as an insurance payment.
  • Insurance payments entered will automatically close the associated claims. 

Currently, while you can use Credit Card as the classification, it will not show the EOB information and you will need to manually close all claims after entering these payments. If you want the record to show on the deposit record as a credit card, you'll have to update to a Build 11 or higher of MacPractice and follow the method described above.

When posting an Insurance Payment, you'll use this method and any credit card processing solution you like.


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