AutoRemind Video Tutorials

These following videos have been made to assist a user with AutoRemind tasks. These were originally hosted on the AutoRemind site.

Note: These videos were made by AutoRemind and all of them show older versions of MacPractice. Many of these are still very accurate, but you'll see some differences between our latest builds of the MacPractice software and the software shown on the video. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to MacPractice Support.

Logging In to the AutoRemind Portal

Using the Option-Reload combination to refresh and see the latest status

Making a New AutoRemind profile

Changing the Default Profile

Setting a Patient's Profile

How to see a Status List in MacPractice

Performing a Manager Sync on the Server (Regarding the Color Updating Issue)

Viewing Color Settings (See the below image)


AutoRemind Status Messages (See the Attached PDF for this information)

AutoRemind Troubleshooting Assistance Video

AutoRemind Restricting Reminders based on Scheduling Resource

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