Vetting your Practice for Direct Messaging

When you first have Direct Messaging configured, you're going to see this message on your next log in.


As Direct Messaging allows an office to communicate Protected Health Information (PHI) with other health professionals, in order to utilize Direct Messaging you will need to "vet" your practice, to verify that you are an authorized representative of your practice.

Vetting your Practice is required before using Direct Messaging.

To begin the vetting process, when you first see the message above, simply click "Continue". If you have already bypassed this prompt, you'll need to log out and back into MacPractice to see the above prompt.

The next window that appears is a description of the DirectTrust Activation; it will explain in details the reasons for this vetting process. Read this thoroughly and scroll down. Once you have fully read it, click the green "I Agree" button.


The next prompt asks for permission to authorize Updox to check your personal credit profile for the purposes of verifying your identity. Click "I accept' to continue if you agree. 


Next, you'll have several questions that require answers in order to properly vet your practice. This will cover your name, address, contact information and personal information, ID Type and Number. These fields must be filled out with your personal information, NOT the practice's information, as you are vetting as an individual representative of the practice.





Finally, you'll need to provide a phone number you can directly be reached at, so you can be called to receive a Confirmation Code. you'll also be asked to record a Verbal Attestation that you are an authorized representative of the practice. Once you have your confirmation code, go ahead and enter it into the required Confirmation Code field.


Once all fields are filled out and your Confirmation code is added, click the Verify Identity button at the bottom. Once all four categories listed in the above screenshot are verified, you are done!

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