What's the difference between EDR, EMR and EHR?

Here at MacPractice Support, we're frequently asked a question: what is the difference between EDR, EMR, and EHR? Oftentimes descriptions of these abilities are very similar, so we thought we'd break it down.


EDR and EMR are effectively the same ability, just themed differently. EDR stands for Electronic Dental Records, while EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records. If you have MacPractice DDS, you'll see EDR. If you have MacPractice DC, MD, or 20/20, you'll see EMR. Both allow you to create electronic forms for your practice.
EDR and EMR are features that were designed before iPads were more available, and they can only be accessed from the MacPractice application on your desktop or laptop. They are also accessible from Kiosks.

EDR and EMR provide an in depth way to fully customize elements and section size within a form. You can add several styles of pull fields that will "pull" information from all areas of MacPractice into your forms or narrative templates., hence the name "pull fields". 

You can also add in image elements onto your EDR/EMR form templates. These can contain logos, or graphics.

Click here to view videos on setting up and using EDR/EMR.


EHR was designed to be a solution that incorporates iPad functionality. It is also designed to be a simpler, quicker way to customize form templates. It's relatively easy to put together elements, sections, and narratives to assemble a template in a few steps.

The second advantage to EHR is that you can start a form by using our iEHR application on the iPad, and then complete said form from your desktop or laptop. Within the EHR ability you can also view and edit forms that patients have filled out with our Clipboard iPad application.

Finally, EHR can also be used to create, edit, and review Online Patient Forms, which are assigned to a patient via the Patient Portal. The patient can then use our Patient Portal to fill out these forms.

The Patient Portal and the iEHR app are additional purchased options. If you're interested in them, please contact our Sales Department.

The following links are to demo videos demonstrating the usage of EHR, the iPad applications, and Online Registration.

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