Networking - Server

The MacPractice Server hosts the Database Connection Configuration, which allows MacPractice terminals to connect to the MacPractice Network and share the database. The Database Connection Configuration Settings can be found by opening the Log In Window drawer.

The MacPractice server hosts the following information needed to connect any MacPractice Terminal to the MacPractice Server:

  • The Database Username
  • The Database Password
  • The Server IP address
  • The MacPractice Server should always have localhost in the Server IP Address field, and root for the DB Username field. In most cases, the DB Password field will be blank, unless your office has specifically set up a DB password for the root user. (Under normal circumstances, there is no need to edit this information.)




The default MacPractice user has a username of "admin" and a password of "password". To change the default user's login credentials, access the References ability and select Users in the sidebar. Select the user account and adjust the information as needed. MacPractice Support strongly recommends that this information is changed for security purposes.


The MacPractice Server IP address can be located on the server within the MacPractice menu under About MacPractice. The IP address can also be obtained from the server computer in the Apple menu under System Preferences. Select Networking and find the IP address field in the resulting window.




As the server hosts the database, there are some MacPractice features can only be accessed from the MacPractice Server.


The following functions in the Managers ability are only accessible from the server computer:

The following Preference functions are only available on the MacPractice server computer:

Items listed with an asterisk (*) are used by MacPractice Support when troubleshooting issues; they will not be visible by default.

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