Networking - MacPractice Network Troubleshooting

In the event that you have difficulty accessing MacPractice, the following steps will assist you in determining the cause and resolving the issue.

  • If you are simply having some trouble signing onto MacPractice, a great place to start is the Log In Troubleshooting Guide.
  • To connect to the MacPractice Server from a MacPractice Terminal, the MacPractice Server needs to be powered on. Confirm that the MacPractice server computer is plugged in, switched on, and working correctly. Ensure that the MacPractice Server is not frozen, set to sleep, or otherwise incapacitated. Confirm that there is an established network connection on the MacPractice Server. A server that is not connected to your Internal Network will not be accessible by client computers that are attempting to connect. An internet connection is not required to login to MacPractice, however, there are multiple MacPractice abilities that require an internet connection to function. Frequent access to the MacPractice Server is part of maintaining the MacPractice Network, "headless" servers are not recommended by MacPractice Support for reasons such as this.
    • In the event that your MacPractice server or client computers are not able to connect to your Internal Network, you may need to contact your Network Administrator, Internet Service Provider, or a local IT professional to resolve the issue. Due to the unique nature of each office's Internal Network, MacPractice Support cannot assist with troubleshooting network hardware issues.
  • Verify that you can sign into MacPractice on the server computer.
    • If you cannot log into MacPractice on the server computer and receive an error, please refer to the list of error messages in the Log In Error Guide.
  • After verifying that you are able to log into MacPractice on the server computer, if necessary, attempt to log in on a client computer.
  • If you are able to log in to MacPractice, but experience issues accessing abilities that require internet access Check your Internet Connection.
  • If the above steps do not resolve your issue or if you continue to receive errors, contact MacPractice Support at (877) 220-8418 to assist with this matter.
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