Networking - Client

The MacPractice Client will connect to the database hosted on MacPractice Server when the MacPractice Server IP address and Database Name have been entered.




When the Client Database Connection Settings are correctly entered, enter the User's username and password in the Log In window. Click R-Arrow_small.tiff to log in.

If you attempt to log in and receive a Failed to Connect to Host alert, please consult the Failed to Connect To Host Guide.

If connecting to the server for the first time, each MacPractice Client will need to be paired with the MacPractice Server using a passcode presented on the device. When a MacPractice client attempts to connect to the MacPractice Server, a 4 digit passcode is generated and remains open for 60 minutes. Print the instructions, which include the passcode and the expiration time.



On the MacPractice Server, add the passcode in the Database Access Preference as shown in the printed instructions. The device will be added to the Database Access list and paired with the MacPractice Server.



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