Networking - Guide

Networking may refer to the Internal Network, which distributes the connection from the Internet to each system on the network.

Networking may also refer to your MacPractice Network, which distributes the connection from the MacPractice Server to each MacPractice Terminal on the MacPractice network. Your MacPractice Network is built upon your Internal Network.

A solid MacPractice Network relies on the foundation of a solid Internal Network. The assistance of a qualified Network Administrator may be necessary to implement or maintain your Internal Network.

MacPractice Support can assist with issues pertaining to the MacPractice Network, however MacPractice Support is unable to assist with any aspect of the Internal Network. Configuring an office network is a task that should be addressed by a certified network technician that understands the unique needs of an office's Internal Network outside of the MacPractice Network.

This guide was created with general recommendations and cannot replace the instruction or expertise of a qualified Network Administrator. This Networking guide will cover the following topics:

Internal Network Topics

  • Internal Network: General recommendations for an office network and information on how Internal Networks may impact the MacPractice Network.
  • IP Addressing: Explanation of and recommendations for IP addressing.
  • Remote Access: Recommended setup for remote access to MacPractice.
  • Firewall: A list of ports utilized by MacPractice. 
  • Internal Network Glossary: A list of commonly used networking terms.

MacPractice Network Topics

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