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Welcome to the MacPractice HelpDesk!

Whether you are new to MacPractice, new to an office, or simply using this site for the first time, here are some tips to help you out.

Q. How do I navigate this site?
A. As you can see, we have split our articles into six categories:

  • Guided Learning contains usage guides and interactive guides on every MacPractice ability as well as other important topics. This category is great for new users or for user that are filling in for a coworker.
  • The Solutions category is used when you need a quick answer to a common question or would like to see a guide for troubleshooting.
  • Knowledge Base will display all the detailed information on abilities, tasks, and fields within MacPractice. All of the relevant articles in the previous help site can be found in this category.
  • The Learning Center will show you all available training options; such as mini-class registration, private training sessions, user conference, and workflow tips.
  • All help videos, demo videos, and recordings of past mini-classes are found in the Videos category.
  • The final category is the Community. Community allows you to post and communicate with MacPractice as well as other clients that are using the new help desk! This category is great to ask non-urgent questions or bring up a topic you would like to discuss with other users.

We also have a video that covers how to navigate this site.  

Q. What if I don't know what category fits? 

A. Search bar will suggest articles that match your question!  

  • If you are simply needing one piece of information, the search bar is the best option. While you type, the search bar will suggest articles that fit. When you hit return, your results will show any articles where the word or phrase matches, with promoted (most popular) articles first. The search results will also display community post discussions with that keyword. 

Q. I don't even know what to search for!
A. If you can't find the right terminology or you just aren't sure where to go, try out these resources:

  • Use the Index. This overview displays all abilities and important topics within MacPractice.
  • Each category displays articles arranged by ability or key topics, simply select the category for the type of article you'd like and scroll down to the section header.
  • The Guided Learning category contains an abundance of guides and "At a Glance" articles that are designed to cover the basics of each Ability within MacPractice. They're tailored for new users, so we strongly recommend starting there!


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