Reference Management

Periodically, it can be beneficial to clean up or consolidate References to remove accidental, duplicate, and  obsolete entries. Some key items include:

  1. Users: Unneeded or former users should have “User is inactive” checked, and these users can be further archived by selecting the user and clicking the red minus button.
  2. Insurance Companies and Plans: While previously used insurances companies cannot be deleted or archived, they can be appended to display DO NOT USE or similar wording to prevent further usage. 
  3. Fee Schedules: Individual unused codes can be either deleted or deactivated. Fee schedules can also be reassigned via Database Utilities, then deleted or archived.
  4. Alerts, Referrals, City/State/Zips: Most References can be streamlined by deleting or archiving unneeded entries. If an existing item has ties to the database, the Drawer Report will display the tied records (typically patients), from which they can be removed or reassigned.
  5. Appointment Types in the Schedule Ability are another Reference that can be changed and deleted for clarity.
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