DR Installation Considerations

If you are getting new Digital Radiography equipment and are not sure how to plan for this, here are a few considerations our team looks at.

Planmeca - MacPractice does not install Planmeca drivers or firmware.  Planmeca techs or an IT does the installation and then networks what is needed.  We can help with the integration, defaulting the device in preferences, showing how to use it in MacPractice, or troubleshooting if needed be.

Suni - We install the driver per computer that is using the device or you can obtain the driver from the download site.  You will need a driver for use with the Suni integration.  You should download the Suni layouts from the shared layouts since they have presets specific for the device.

Acteon - Acteon installs the software and network the PSPIX device in the office.  They are also responsible for sensors and calibrating for image capture and cameras that use their software.  MacPractice sets up the integration with the import folder and troubleshoots if needed be.

QuickRay - Same as Acteon, they install the software, network to the device if needed.  They will check the sensors and calibrate.  MacPractice can make specific layouts if you want something other than what is in the shared layouts.  QuickRay sensors use their own specific sensor sized equipment to software.

Bridges to equipments on Windows - MacPractice installs and sets up the bridge to work with compatible bridge devices.  This is a fairly quick process unless there are many computers it needs installed on.  You will need to have your IT or the Imaging support install the equipment, configure it, then have that software installed in the virtual environment.  MacPractice handles the rest and any troubleshooting needed.

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