Getting Started with MacPractice & Implementation Timelines

When you start with MacPractice, you start with a team behind you! 

What Happens First?
Once you've finalized all of the details with your MacPractice sales representative, you'll get an email from our Accounting team with your serial information as well as instructions to download MacPractice. 

Every new MacPractice office is assigned an implementation coordinator. Your coordinator is there to help you determine timelines, ensure that all of the details are lined up, and answer any questions you have. He or she will also reach out to various teams here at MacPractice headquarters to verify that everyone is working together for a smooth transition for your office. 

How Soon Can I Start?
You can download and start using MacPractice as soon as you have a serial number; however, we highly recommend training. MacPractice is a customizable and comprehensive software application with hundreds of features. Training is directly tied to user satisfaction. Online Webinar training can typically be scheduled with 1-2 weeks notice. The approximate time frame for scheduling onsite training and delivery of completed data conversion is 3-4 weeks from date of software purchase. 

What Should I Prepare Before Going Live?
Your implementation coordinator will help you consider which features you will be using. MacPractice teams will work with you to prepare and customize your options. Some features will also require enrollments, training, or setup through our service partners. 

Your sales representative may also work as a practice consultant; either guiding you through or recommending someone for assistance with hardware, software, networking or other aspects of the implementing process. Many sales representatives are available to do phone or onsite training. 

Immediate - Week 1
Purchase and Schedule Hardware Setup 
MacPractice does not sell hardware but your sales representative may help facilitate your purchase of new Macs and accessories through your closest Apple Store or Authorized Reseller. One procurement option that is very popular is leasing through Apple Finance with a low monthly payment that can be written off as an expense. MacPractice also offers software financing options. Please let your representative know if you would like additional information about these programs. If you are starting MacPractice during the fall months, you will want to plan ahead to ensure you have a compatible OS and hardware. 
Timeline - order equipment in sufficient time for delivery, setup, and MacPractice installation at least a week prior to your go-live date

Schedule Network Setup 
MacPractice does not assist with network installation. Please see the recommendations, as some features such as the iPad applications will require specific configuration. Since all clients have to connect to the server via the internet or an office intranet, this has to be completed prior to full MacPractice installation. 
Timeline - Schedule network setup either the same day or close to the date of hardware installation.

Purchase and Schedule Imaging or Digital Radiography Equipment Setup
Hardware, drivers, and firmware are often installed by the equipment vendor or an IT. The MacPractice Digital Radiography team will assist you with setting up and verifying after the installation. 
Timeline - You will want to schedule this setup prior to your start date so you can test it before going live. Most offices schedule this close to the date of hardware and network installation.

Purchase and Schedule Labs & Other MacPractice Partner Services 
MacPractice interfaces with multiple vendors to ensure that every process in the office works together. Consider whether you are using automated appointment reminders, Integrated Faxing, or Patient Portal Services such as online registration. For a complete list of MacPractice Partners, see here
MacPractice offers Lab interfacing capability. The MacPractice lab interface team would be glad to work with your lab to develop an interface between their test results system and your MacPractice database using electronic messaging (HL7). For more information about the lab interface process please contact Doug Fenn, Lab Relations at (402) 420-2430 or
Timeline - As every partner may be different, it is best to start this process early and schedule close to your go-live date if possible. 

Purchase or Schedule Other Third Party Setup
We know that there are many systems needed to keep your entire business running. Consider if any other service or equipment will have to be adjusted for the new hardware or connected to MacPractice.
Timeline - Your office will need to determine this depending on your additional services. 

Submit Paperwork for Electronic Services
If you are purchasing eClaims, ePrescribe, ERAs, or eStatements, you will receive paperwork via email from our enrollments team. 
Timeline - This process may vary in length, depending on the number or payers and the payer itself. Please complete the registration forms and return them as soon as possible to ensure you are ready for claims right after your go-live date. 

Schedule Conversion 
MacPractice in-house data migration service is offered for client-provided, properly-formatted data. In order to utilize this service, your data must be exported from your current system into standard text format files. MacPractice can assist you to determine if your data can be exported in this format, and it may become necessary to contact your current vendor for assistance. 
Timeline - Schedule your conversion for the day of your training or the day before. Once your final conversion is complete, you will want all new data entered into the MacPractice system. 

Discuss and Schedule Training 
Training is highly recommended and directly tied to user satisfaction. MacPractice is a customizable and comprehensive software application with hundreds of features. How much training is needed and preferred method varies from office to office. A minimum training recommendation would be 8 hours. Ideally 16-24 hours of training is optimal for learning all capabilities and receiving enough hands on experience to master the software functionality. Training is not usually included in the proposal total but the training options and costs are listed at the bottom. Whether you are scheduling through your consultant or one of the options through the corporate team, the training will be scheduled to work together with the conversion and to meet your goal dates. 
MacPractice includes an extensive multimedia user guide with built-in help videos and free regularly-scheduled live webinar classes. We offer training options including classroom training at MacPractice headquarters in Lincoln, NE, online phone training purchased in hourly increments and onsite implementation and training.  
Timeline - Schedule as far in advance as possible to ensure your desired dates. Some offices have a few hours of phone training in the days leading up to their go-live; though the majority of the training is done on the day of and the day following the conversion. 

Purchase or Create Customized Forms and Templates
If you have EMR/EDR, EHR, or the iPad applications, having customized templates for your office helps keep you running efficiently. You will have access to our library of existing shared EHR, iEHR and Clipboard forms free of charge. The MacPractice software purchase includes a Template Editor which allows you to develop and customize your own forms. Our MacPractice team can also develop forms for you, please contact us for details on this topic. Customization of forms is something that would ideally be accomplished before your implementation so that everything is ready to go immediately proceeding training.
Timeline - Projects typically take up to 2 weeks, but it's best to start the project immediately as the timing may change depending on the number and complexity of the templates.

Halfway - 2 Weeks Before Go-Live
Verify Hardware, Network & Other Equipment Setup 
Your implementation coordinator will follow up with you to ensure everything is on track for the go-live date. Please complete the hardware checklist to make sure you have all the components needed. Once you have hardware, install MacPractice to be ready for conversions and verifying connections. Our Support team can assist with MacPractice installation.
Timeline - Ensure equipment is set for delivery, setup, and MacPractice installation at least a week prior to your go-live date. 

Check Labs, Digital Radiography & Other Integrations Setup
This week, verify that any other integrations are on track for full functionality. Once you have imaging equipment and MacPractice software installed, our support team can assist with verifying it's working together correctly. T
hese calls may be scheduled in advance or simply reach out to the team when you're ready and they will call you back. This article explains more about specific sensors.
Timeline - Ensure everything is set to start close to your go-live date. 

Conversion Process Starts
This week, our conversion team will need access to your current system to get a copy of your data. They will use this to create a database which you will preview. Using this preview, you can decide if anything needs changed. 
Timeline - This process must start to ensure that the conversion is on schedule for your go-live. A final conversion is scheduled after you approve your preview.

Verify Enrollment & Schedule Training for eClaims, eStatements, ePrescribe
You will receive an update if there is any additional paperwork required for enrollment in these services. Please return as soon as possible. You will have separate trainings scheduled for using these features once the enrollment and initial software training is completed.

Timeline - You can schedule these trainings online using the link you'll be provided. Typically, they occur right after your full software training, as you will need data in MacPractice for them to work.

Discuss Training 
If you have already scheduled your training, a week or two prior to it, your trainer will be in touch to discuss administrative tasks required for setting up your database as well as dates, times, and itineraries for the training itself. If you have not scheduled and are doing phone training, this can typically be scheduled 1-2 weeks in advance, please use the links provided to schedule.
Timeline - Usually the trainer and the administrator have at least one appointment or phone discussion prior to the training. Schedule for it this week or the week before your conversion. 

Start Customizing Forms & Templates
If you are getting customized templates, the project will be underway this week. If you are creating your own, start them this week and focus on having at least one fully completed form to use for your training. We highly encourage you to watch the videos on using EHR, EMR, and the iPad applications. Understanding the workflow in each ability will help you decide how you would like your forms set for minimal editing later. Our forms team will speak with you about your preferences for usage. For example, whether you prefer a field to type, popups to select symptom information, or a checkbox to mark that a symptom is present. 

Timeline - The project will start this week and our forms team will speak with you about your preferences for usage. The first copy of forms is usually scheduled for your go-live date.

Final Preparation - 1 Week Before Go-Live
Finish Any Details with Hardware, Network & Other Equipment Setup 
Set up your computers with MacPractice and verify they're all working. This is especially important for checking your converted data and learning administrative tasks such as setting up users before your staff is ready to go. Follow these instructions for the installation and first login
Timeline - Ensure MacPractice installation is complete for data and administrative setup

Verify Any Additional Details on Enrollments & Other Integrations
Any remaining details for MacPractice services, alliance partners, or other third party integrations should be scheduled this week. 
Timeline - While some of these items can wait until after fully implementing MacPractice, it's best to have all systems running from the start.

Final Conversion 
After the preview, the final conversion was scheduled. The day before your training, the final pull will occur. Your database will be restored before the morning of your training.  
Timeline - Schedule this for the day before your go-live.

Training & Go-Live Day
Converted Data is Installed 
This typically happens the evening before or the morning of your training.
Timeline - Before you start the training. Any data entered into your practice MacPractice database will not be saved. 

Onsite trainings occur immediately before the go-live date. Offices are normally completely closed on the day of the switch, and then see patients on day 2 or 3 once the staff is ready to use MacPractice. Phone trainings may occur leading up to this date, but are heavily focused on the day that your data is converted. Usually phone training is scheduled for an hour, then a break for hands-on practice before moving forward with the next hour of instruction. 
Timeline - This is scheduled to occur right before your go-live; usually patients are not in office this day.

Administrative Tasks
Whether you are starting with a blank database or migrating data, these tasks must be completed right away. Without a conversion, you may work on setting this up prior to your go-live week.
Creating Users & User Privileges
Setting Up Preferences & References
Backups & Security
Timeline - These tasks must be completed right away.

Initial Days - 1-2 Weeks Following Go-Live
EDI Training & Follow-Up Training 

Statement, eClaim, and ePrescribe trainings are scheduled in the days right after your implementation. Follow-up training usually occurs to answer any questions that arise now that you're using MacPractice on a daily basis. Often there is additional follow-up training for billers as well.  
Timeline - Though the EDI trainings occur after your full training, you'll want to reserve your times in advance.  

Conversions & Implementation Follow-Up
This week, your implementation coordinator will follow up with you to make sure things are running smoothly and assist you as needed. 
Timeline - Verify and return your conversions checklist as soon as possible.   

Follow-up and Support
MacPractice includes an extensive multimedia user guide with built-in help videos and free regularly-scheduled live webinar classes. This is a great resource to continue reviewing and training your staff until you feel completely comfortable.

No matter how much or little training you opt to have, your office will have access to unlimited help from our Technical Support team. Call, chat, email, or pop the bubble for assistance with anything from simple questions and how-tos, to resolving any issues that need troubleshooting.

Our Phone Support line is (877) 220-8418. Our International phone number is +0011 800-2525-9898.
You can access Chat Support from either the link in the lower right corner "Have a question? Ask now!"

You can also e-mail for E-mail Support.

Finally, within the software there is a method to contact Support. In the lower right corner of the MacPractice window, you can see a Chat Bubble icon. We refer to clicking this icon as "Popping the bubble". You can see the bubble in the image below. Clicking the bubble will open a Report a Problem or Suggestion window. We request that you be as detailed as possible when reporting your problem, and be sure to note the type of response you'd like to receive, E-mail, Phone, or Chat. A Support representative will contact you shortly.


How Long Until I'm an Expert?
The implementation process varies, but is usually between 2-4 weeks from purchase to go-live. Most offices report within a week after their training, users feel confident about their daily workflow. At about 6 weeks, people feel more assured about their overall scope of knowledge. After 6 months of use, office staff usually find that they've worked out any questions and are completely set. Just remember, we are always available to assist you and answer your questions!


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