Backups & Security

It is important to ensure backups are scheduled and running so that you never risk data loss. Creating MacPractice Backups of the database is the only way to maintain the data added to MacPractice. It is your responsibility to ensure that backups are created, properly stored, and that an effective backup scheme is in place. MacPractice corporate office will not have a copy of your backup.

The MacPractice Backup Guide will assist with developing a backup scheme, creating manual and automatic backups, removing old backups, and restoring backups.

  • MacPractice recommends creating a daily backup of MacPractice to the local hard drive and to an external device. We also recommend an off-location backup, such as to a secure cloud location or an external device kept out of office should the worst happen.
  • Always store external backups in a secure location, such as a fireproof safe. Select a location that can be accessed if a backup is needed.
  • Retain the backups on an external device. Retain at least one backup from the following time periods.
    • The last 2 business weeks or 10 business days
    • The end of every month
    • The end of every quarter
    • The end of the fiscal year

For recommendations on external hard drives or other hardware configuration, please speak with your MacPractice Practice Consultant or view the MacPractice System Requirements.

MacPractice has many built-in security settings. The MacPractice Security guide explains built-in features and our recommendations on topics such as:

  • User Privileges
  • Security Preferences
  • Alerts, Encryption
  • MacOS Security Recommendations

You'll also want to verify the security of your network and building. MacPractice highly recommends hiring an outside IT or security company to perform a security risk analysis for your office that provides a report of this analysis. This analysis should include things outside of your MacPractice software such as network and building security. For this reason, this is not something that MacPractice can assist with

Recovery Plan
In cases of computer failure, theft, natural disaster, or fire, it is highly recommended to have an Recovery Plan in place for re-establishing your database and getting MacPractice up and running. A Recovery Plan should be reviewed and/or practiced at least once a quarter to ensure that MacPractice can be downloaded and installed, that a valid backup can be accessed and restored, and that other computers and users can log in and access patient data. MacPractice Support is available to assist at (877) 220-8418 if you need it!

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