New User Login and Orientation

Once your office administrator has finished installation and created users for all staff members, follow this guide to log in and become familiar with the MacPractice window.  You may also watch a video series on this topic.

Before you begin using MacPractice, you will need a Username and Password to enter in the Login window. You can check “remember me on this computer,” however, this should only be done if the computer has been secured in some other way, such as with a locking screensaver or if the computer resides in a locked office.  If more than one person has access to this computer you should not check this box, as an unauthorized person will then have access to your patient information.  Please contact your network administrator if you have forgotten your password or if you need one.


After you login, the MacPractice window will appear.  At the very bottom right hand corner of the window, you should see your name.  MacPractice will always display the user information of the person that is logged in.  If you see the wrong name displayed here it is possible that you logged in with another person’s credentials and you should log out to protect their identity.  To log out, go to the MacPractice application menu at the very top of your computer display, and select Log Out. Logging out will take you back to the login screen.


Quitting MacPractice can also be done from the same menu. You can quit instead of logging out if you are done with MacPractice for the day. 

In the top left corner of every window, you will see 3 buttons that are sometimes called stoplight buttons because of their color. Use these buttons to close the window (red), minimize the window (yellow), or to set the window to a full screen view (green).


You can also manually control the window size by moving the mouse cursor to the edge of the MacPractice window until the cursor icon changes to a double-ended arrow, then by clicking and holding the left mouse button and dragging the window to the desired size.

To open a new MacPractice window, go to the File menu right next to the MacPractice menu and select New window. You can have several windows open at a time.


Window Orientation
The MacPractice window consists of 4 main areas, the toolbar, the sidebar, the detail area, and the drawer.


The very top of the window is the toolbar. It contains the Ability icons which allow you to switch between different Abilities in MacPractice.
Abilities perform different functions in MacPractice, or contain a different set of records or information. For example, the Patients ability contains your patient’s demographic and billing information, and allows you to create new patients. Once your patients have been entered, the Schedule ability allows you to schedule appointments for those patients; and the Notes ability allows you to create notes for those patients. Not all abilities are patient-related abilities, however, the References ability, for example, allows you to manage and maintain non-patient information such as your insurance companies and procedure codes. As you click on each ability icon, you will notice that the rest of the window changes.

Below the toolbar on the left you will see the sidebar. The sidebar appears in every ability and will display a list of all the records within that ability. The Patients ability gives you a list of patients in the sidebar, the Schedule ability a list of appointments and other scheduling items like Transparencies and Resources. The rest of the abilities will work the same.

As you select records in the sidebar, you will also notice that the main area of the screen will change. This is the detail area, and it displays the information associated to the selected record. The detail area is where you will actually do most of your data-entry, or perform actions in MacPractice. You can think of the toolbar and sidebar as the hierarchy that allows you to find and choose the record you wish to work with, and the detail area as the main work area.

There is also a Drawer that can be opened to one side of the MacPractice window, by clicking the button in the far lower left corner of the MacPractice window. The Drawer can be used to create Lists or to generate Reports about a selected record.

Once you are familiar with the window layout, continue on to learn about the MacPractice abilities and your workflow. 

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