How To Configure and Use Immunizations

In MacPractice Build 7.3.9, we have revamped Immunization Records to ensure they comply with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's standards.

We've improved the functionality so that MacPractice can now upload Immunization records directly to your local immunization registry.

Setting up Immunizations in 7.3.9 requires two steps.

1. Configure MacPractice to upload to your local registry
To configure MacPractice to upload directly to your local registry, please contact our Support Department and request to speak to a member of the HL7 team.

You will need to have your Practice ID and other information provided by your local registry.

For additional information when configuring MacPractice's preferences in relation to Immunizations, please refer to the Preferences - HL7 Immunizations help page.

2. Set Up your Immunizations References
Next, you will need to configure the Immunizations you plan on administering in the References Ability, under Immunizations.

To add a new Immunization Reference, click on the green Plus icon in the Sidebar with the Immunizations category selected as in the screenshot below.

You will be presented with a search dialogue that pulls from all the CDC's immunizations that MacPractice has stored in the database backend. 

Type in and select the immunization you are looking for and click OK. MacPractice will pre-populate the Immunization Name, Short Description, Status, and CVX Code.

All other fields, if entered, will automatically pull through when entering the immunization to a patient's record. 

If you leave non-required fields blank, you will need to select or add that information when adding an Immunization Record to a patient's chart.

It is recommended that you add a reference for each Immunization you intend on administering in advance to save you time and effort.

For questions on any of these fields, please refer to References - Immunizations.

Adding Immunization Records to a Patient's Chart
To add an Immunization Record to a patient's chart, navigate to the Patients Ability, under the Clinical tab.

You can add a new immunization record via the Green Plus icon, or by clicking the 'New Historical Immunization Record' button to add a Historical Record.

What's the difference between an Immunization Record and a Historical Record?
A Historical Record logs an immunization that was not administered by one of your office's providers for tracking purposes.
Instead of selecting a Provider for the person administering the immunization, you can select a Referring Doctor that administered the immunization.

When you click the Green Plus, you will be prompted to search your Immunization References. A New Immunization records a vaccine administered by one of your office's providers.
Type in and select the desired Immunization Reference. This Immunization Reference MUST have a Status of Active.
You will then be presented with the Immunization Record sheet.

We have re-designed this window to ensure entry is more intuitive. Fields with red text indicate a required field, and fields will be required or disallowed based on the status of the Immunization Reference.

Information fields such as Manufacturers, Dose, Unit, Route, Site, Lot Number, Expiration Date and Number in Series can be pre-defined in the corresponding Immunization Reference, or can be left blank to be manually entered in this screen.

For Historical immunizations, the immunization reference does not need to have an Active status. Once you select your Immunization Reference, the Historical Immunization Record sheet will populate. 
Historical Immunization Records do not have the same required fields as normal Immunization Records.

Please refer to your local immunization registry to confirm which entry fields they require to be completed.

An Immunization Record is uploaded when it has been saved, or has re-opened, edited, and saved again. The act of saving an Immunization Record generates an HL7 message that is uploaded to your local registry. If, however, you saved an Immunization Record when no internet connection is available, that Immunization Record will not be uploaded.
To manually upload all Immunization Records on a patient chart, you can click the Export button to the left of the New Historical Immunization Record button.
It is best to use the Export feature if you have been experiencing intermittent internet connectivity.

You can add in an Immunizations section on any Template in the Template Editor section of EHR. For more information on how to add an Immunizations section on an EHR template form, please refer to EHR Template Editor - Templates.

Once the Immunizations section has been added, please refer to EHR Preconfigured Section - Immunizations for detailed information on how to add in an Immunization record.

For iEHR-specific information, please refer to iEHR-Preconfigured-Section-Immunization.

For EMR-specific information, please refer to EMR & EDR Element - Immunization.

Frequently Asked Questions
What if I already have Immunization References before updating to 7.3.9?

For Immunization References present before updating to 7.3.9, a Codify button will be present by the Status field.


Codifying an Immunization synchronizes the information in the Immunization Reference to standardize it within MacPractice so they can be used in other sections of MacPractice such as Immunizations. This also ensures that the Immunization records submitted to MacPractice are tied directly to the CVX information in the database.

Codifying or Editing an Immunization Reference will NOT impact previously entered Immunization Records.


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