Folder Sharing For Clients on a Virtual Environment Without Using a Bridge

Some users and offices have a need to utilize a Virtual Environment, which is essentially an application that mimics a Mac or a PC computer as needed. With a Virtual Environment such as VMWare, instead of utilizing a bridge to send images from the Virtual Windows Environment to your Mac environment and thus MacPractice, we can set up Folder Sharing to send those images to a particular path. Then, we can access this path from MacPractice to import the images, or even configure MacPractice to automatically import those images.
In order to accomplish this, you must be familiar with macOS's File Sharing. We strongly recommend you review our DR Bridges - Mac OS X File Sharing article before continuing and follow those steps, as this article will build on top of the knowledge presented there.
Setting up a shared folder to use between the Mac OS X environment and the Windows environment is relatively simple. We'll address the steps that need to be taken in VMWare and Parallels.
First, ensure VMWare Tools are installed. You can do this by navigating to the Virtual Machine Menu, and selecting "Install VMWare Tools".
After VMWare Tools are installed, navigate to the Virtual Machine Menu > Sharing, and click on "Sharing Settings..."


In VMWare Sharing Settings, ensure "Shared Folders" is toggled to the "ON" setting.  
Once this is done, click on the plus sign to add the Shared Folder that had been set up following the directions in the Mac OS X File Sharing article. The indicated folder is in the screenshot below.
Optionally, if your office wants to mirror folders that are on the Mac OS X environment to the Windows environment, you can check the appropriate checkboxes. This allows you to directly access other documents and files on the Mac from the Windows environment.
These steps require that you have Parallel Tools installed. You can install Parallels Tools by navigating to the Actions Menu > Install Parallels Tools.
In order to access the folder we have set up in the steps outlined in the Mac OS X File Sharing article , navigate to the Devices Menu > Sharing > Configure.  
Click on the Sharing tab, then under "Share Folders", click the “Custom Folders” button, as shown in the below screenshot.

Click on the plus sign.  This will allow you to add the folder that you had set in the Mac OS X File Sharing article. Be sure to grant Read and Write permissions.


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